Ministry of Cakes

Where it all started

Hi! I’m Harry, owner and pastry chef at Ministry of Cakes.

Cakes and sweets became my passion at the tender age of 14 whilst working at my brother’s restaurant. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped in pursuit of achieving my dream – founding my own business creating sugary delights!

Shortly after finishing my studies, I had the honour of representing Victoria in the 2010 Bake Skills Nationals and winning the title of Australian National Champion. In 2011, I trained at Barry Callebaut Chocolates in Malaysia where I gained valuable experience in chocolate making and sculpting. After years of baking for family and friends, I decided it was the right time for Ministry of Cakes to make cakes for you!

From scrumptious cupcakes to mouth watering chocolate sculptures and magnificent cakes, I’ll help create your unforgettable masterpiece that will leave your guests wanting more.